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Onyx Stone Earring

Silver dipped in gold...

5,00 USD

I want silver instead of gold.

I want to make a special painting on the shirt for Father's Day.

Basic T-Shirt

Slim fit white cotton T-shirt...

15,00 USD

Vitamin C serum

Suitable for all skin types...

12,00 USD

I want to create my own cosmetic brand. Do you also produce packaged bottles?

Please change the belt color to yellow.

Smart watch

Produced with the latest technology...

36,00 USD

Wooden Vase

Custom made and...

55,00 USD

Hello! I want lines in a Wooden Vase.

Would you recommend the color pink?

Green Sweater

Handcrafted shoulder detailing is comfortable and useful...

22,00 USD

Classic Shoe

Green leather is stylish and comfortable...

20,00 USD

Can I buy my shoes without hole details?

I want to print on boxes.

E-commerce Delivery Box

During transportation, the product...

00,00 USD

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-What is Paymes?

It is a financial technology developer company that aims to enable users to enter e-commerce faster and easier, and serves commerce through social networks.

Do I have to pay for listing the products? Is there any limit for listing?

No, there is no fee or limit for you to showcase your products with Paymes.

If I want to get paid via Paymes, do I need to apply again?

No, you can just reach our customer service. They will inform you about the process and change your Paymes account.

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